● What is your photography style?

My tagline best expresses my approach: you have a love story, and I want to tell it. That’s the sum total of why I became a wedding photographer and why I love to shoot special events of all types, including mitzvahs and other family celebrations. In practical terms, I’m a documentarian (the facts), a portraitist (the characters) and most important, a photojournalist (capturing your story through its most compelling moments, both planned and spontaneous).

After nearly every event I shoot, someone compliments me by saying they hardly noticed I was there. Rest assured: I was firing away the whole time. But I try my best to be as unobtrusive as possible. Sure, sometimes I have to push my way through the dance floor to get a shot. But this event is about you and your guests, not me, so I promise not to try to be the center of attention.

I’m always working to be on top of any important happenings, even the ones that occur by surprise. I will coordinate with you, your planner, or your host/DJ/emcee to make sure I know the schedule of events. That way I’ll be in place when the first dance begins, when the cake is cut and when – it inevitably happens – the chicken dance makes its appearance.

What else can I tell you? I’m a friendly person, happy to chat with anyone who wants to chat with me. I’m easygoing, ready to take pictures of anyone who asks. I enjoy shooting events – I’ve shot enough of them to be really good, but I’m not an old-timer who is so jaded that he can’t appreciate the joy encircling him. Trust me; that matters.