● What happens after the event?

I make a back-up of your pictures to insure they’re safe and sound. This is a crucial first step that too many photographers omit. I don’t.

After that, I edit, deleting any that didn’t come out and adjusting the rest (cropping and color/density corrections). This usually takes about a week, though expedited service is available. After editing, I typically create a “best of” photo montage set to music which I post online. I also post the complete set of final photos to an online gallery for your viewing pleasure. You’re free to share these with guests and anyone else you want.

The next steps are yours. First, choose which pictures you want for your album(s) and prints. I’ll then retouch/Photoshop the final images, as needed, and design your album. Once you’ve approved the design you should have your album in 4-6 weeks.