● Do you Photoshop the pictures?

At no additional cost to you, I tweak every single shot with Photoshop before you see the proofs. Not to bore you with technical mumbo-jumbo, but I shoot in RAW format (as opposed to JPG, for instance). RAW files are like unprocessed negatives, while familiar formats like JPG and TIFF are more like processed photos. There are many advantages to shooting RAW, perhaps the most important of which is that it gives me the maximum amount of control over the finished product. Before I make the pictures available to you, I convert them into JPGs, which involves adjusting various qualities including color balance, exposure, shadows, sharpness, etc. It’s a time-consuming, labor-intensive process, but I think it’s worth it to ensure that the final images are as beautiful as possible.

I do additional retouching as needed on every picture you choose for an album and on every 8×10 or larger enlargement that you order from me.

I can also do some pretty extraordinary picture manipulations with Photoshop. I do charge extra for this service, but if you want a picture modified, just let me know so I can give you an estimate. Modifications range from simple to complex (removing extraneous people, changing backgrounds, adding smiles, or even opening blinked eyes) to artistic (manipulating colors, turning a photograph into a line drawing or cartoon or “hand-painting” colors into a B&W image).