Meghan Marries Chris (and I get a Real Mom Hug!)

Holy moly, I meant to post this months ago but somehow it ended up in my drafts folder. What a great wedding! My team and I met up in Long Island City where the bride’s and groom’s families live. The whole wedding was NYC to the bone, from the skyline reflected in the windows of The Water’s Edge to Coney Island corn dogs, not to mention the DSNY bagpipe salutatory as the wedding party exited the Church of St. Rita (Meghan’s dad retired from the DSNY after decades of service). Meghan’s mom Claire saluted them right back with a pretty extraordinary curtsy.

We all had a blast. The cherry on top was the note Claire sent a couple of days afterward, not only for her kind words but for the RMH (Real Mom Hug) that I look forward to collecting.

Dear Brett,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This little note comes to you from an overwhelmingly happy heart and a face full of mom tears that are reliving one of the most beautiful days of my life. The montage is absolutely gorgeous and filled with beauty, realism, and many, many happy faces. I would like to personally thank you for adding to the perfection of this day. I think/I know your work shows a great sense of professionalism and a commitment to creating a personal piece of art that will be part of the Doran/Clarke collection forever. If you were here, as I just finished watching your montage, I would give you a real mom hug and express complete gratitude.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Brett!

From my heart and with love,


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