“Key” Details for a Romantic Wedding

The details of their relationship are dear to Christine and Bryan, and they found charming ways to share those at their wedding.

I’ll give you one tantalizing snippet of their story, quoting Christine directly:  “When Bryan came back into my life again, years later, one of the first gifts he gave me was this key … I knew from that day on our lives would be filled with love and happiness.”  Why a key?  Says Bryan: “The key that I gave her represents the key to unlocking the love & happiness that we share together everyday.”  (Is it any surprise a romantic like Byran is an event planner?)

That very same key was beautifully tied into her bridal bouquet and echoed as a motif throughout their ceremony and reception at Shadowbrook, in Shrewsbury, NJ.

With so many keys to her heart, there could only have been one outcome!

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